This Domain for Sale: $9,999 OBO

If you are opening an online business, start with a good domain name. Start building your world-class online brand today! This domain could be a very valuable on-line marketing tool for your business. It is one of a kind and special domain that has endless applications.

This year thousands of new domain extensions are launching, such as .love, .shop, .app, .goog, .aol, .boston, .paris, etc. and they will only dilute the real king of the domain business: .com domains. New domain extensions will cause a lot of confusion and that will lead consumers to go to the .com versions of the domains by mistake.

Dozens of major name brands that are now buying "off-brand" domains to market their products and services. Do you have a product that weighs 2 lbs? Comes in a Quart Bottle? Your online presence starts with this top quality domain name.

As you can see in our pictured examples, this unique domain name appears on dozens of products on the marketplace today! Your destination market is the United States and England (both major markets), who use the Pound / Ounce weight system.

Top Reasons why this is a Great Buy!

  1. It's a .com - the most desired domain extension. It means established when it comes to the internet.
  2. It's generic enough to be used for a variety of marketing, without fear of copyright infringement.
  3. 4-letters long? And easy-to-remember?
  4. It can be translated to 1 Quart, 2 Pints, 4 cups. Long Domain names are hard to remember, and often mistyped.
  5. This domain sale has No Broker, No Commissions, therefore No Hassle!

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